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Ten Energy Savings Myths

With energy prices changing so quickly — and new technologies ramping up into the marketplace — the “conventional wisdom” about energy is often wrong. We’ve been as guilty as others when it comes to trusting emotions and public opinion about energy, as opposed to real math and science.

See if you can guess the answer to ten simple questions in our energy savings myths quiz:

1. Are electric cars cheaper than gas cars? 2. Is rooftop solar expensive? 3. Will you save money if you buy new energy saving appliances? 4. Will gas prices stay low? 5. Is solar for no money down a good investment? 6. Are LED bulbs expensive? 7. Do electric utilities like customer energy efficiency? 8. Is clean coal cost effective? 9. Is nuclear power the best baseload power source? 10.Has energy efficiency reduced our per capita energy usage?

If you answered “yes” to ANY of these energy savings myths, then make sure to listen up to this week’s Energy Show. The conventional wisdom is wrong — all of these energy saving ideas are myths.


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