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Barry Cinnamon has been blogging about the Solar Industry since 2007.

Every week Barry hosts The Energy Show, a 30 minute informative talk show that covers a broad variety of energy related topics spanning technology, economics, policy, and politics that are shaping the future of how we generate and consume electricity, along with practical money-saving tips on ways to reduce your home and business energy consumption. 

The Energy Show

Barry Cinnamon

The host of the Energy Show, Barry Cinnamon, has had a circular career in the solar and energy efficiency industry. He’s a living example of staying in the same place until the world comes around to his viewpoint.


Random highlights and lowlights: college at tech school on banks of Charles River…thermodynamics, electronics, mech E, solar…summer job developing first home energy audit software in FORTRAN on punch cards…early work on solar & ground source heat pumps…back to school when solar tanked in early ’80s…MBA in marketing/finance from Trump’s alma mater…founded public multimedia software company…back into solar spurred on by PG&Es first bankruptcy…started first national scale rooftop installation biz in his garage (Akeena Solar)…kicked out of garage by Saratoga for recycling too much cardboard solar packing materials…moved to office on University Ave. in Los Gatos…sued town of LG when they prevented solar on office roof…lost lawsuit amid widespread positive notoriety…worked to change California’s Solar Rights Act to permit any building to install rooftop solar…new Solar Rights Act signed into law by Arnold in 2004…covered his office roof with solar panels…took company public & installed solar in 7 states…patented first integrated racking solar panel & first AC solar panel…longtime SEIA board member…former president of CALSSA…partnered with Westinghouse to create Westinghouse Solar…sold to Australian energy firm…bored, started Cinnamon Energy Systems.


With Cinnamon Energy Systems, Barry is happily installing solar, batteries, EV chargers, electrical upgrades & building electrification in Silicon Valley…back to University Ave. in Los Gatos…weekly Energy Show podcasts in spare time…helps wife on her backyard farm…dreams about short bike rides, medium-rare steak & long naps. 

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