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8 Ways To Make Rooftop Solar Installations Faster, Safer and Cheaper

There’s a right way and a wrong way to install solar panels on rooftops. We did research on 20 rooftop systems averaging 10 years old. The results are described in our recent White Paper: “The Importance of Safe and Reliable Solar Mounting Systems.” You can download it on our website under Resources/White Papers. Or check out the article on Greentech Media.

  1. Mounting systems must be specifically designed for rooftop solar installations.

  2. Solar and electrical components must meet all standards, codes, and permitting requirements and be designed for wet and hot roof conditions.

  3. Structural components, including fasteners, must be stainless steel or aluminum.

  4. Roof attachments ​must ​be designed for the mounting system being used ​​and include flashings designed for th​at​ mount​ing​ ​system​.

  5. Use of the newest grounding components will maximize the system’s long-term integrity.

  6. Use of newly UL-listed power electronics such as microinverters, DC-DC converters, and string inverters will reduce arc faults that lead to shock and fire hazards.

  7. Panels, inverters, racking, grounding, and wiring with built-in or factory-assembled safety features will install faster, limit the use of inferior components, and therefore increase reliability and reduce system outages.

  8. I​nstallers ​should be chosen ​that have a track record of quality work performed by well-trained crews and​ with the expectation that they will be able to ​honor applicable warranties.


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