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The Top Five Reasons NOT to Install a Heat Pump

Are you sick of all the heat pump hype? Skeptical about why you should buy one right away? Don’t mind paying huge bills to your utility for methane (natural gas)? Even heat pump enthusiasts like us agree with you — they are definitely NOT for everyone.

Here are five reasons why heat pumps may not be the right thing for your house:

1. You don’t believe in global warming and prefer to burn fossil fuels

2. Heat pumps are too expensive

3. It's too complicated to install a HPWH or HP HVAC

4. You rent your house or plan to move

5. Your existing HVAC and water heater works fine

With all the tax credits, rebates and financing options, heat pumps are more affordable than ever. They deliver significant energy savings, offer better comfort and provide superior indoor air quality — even for complicated installations. With efficiencies over 300%, heat pumps are almost always less expensive to operate over the long term, and can be installed in almost all existing homes. On the other hand, from an economic standpoint it often makes sense to wait until your existing heating equipment dies before replacing it with heat pumps. If you don’t believe in the science of global warming, maybe saving money with a heat pump will change your mind. For the full scoop and a heat pump reality check, please listen to the full podcast.

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