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Limits of Growth in the Clean Energy Industry

with Jon Semingson

This week's Energy Show dives into the tumultuous landscape of the clean energy industry, painting a picture of contrasting fortunes akin to the classic “Tale of Two Cities.” On one hand, we witness a surge in demand for clean energy, driven by improving economics, lower equipment costs, and rising electric rates, alongside enticing incentives. Yet, on the flip side, California experiences its first-ever decline in rooftop solar installations, coupled with a slowdown in electric vehicle growth and a resurgence of incumbent fossil fuel companies. 

Amidst this dichotomy, our guest, Jon Semingson, President of Peak Demand, Inc., sheds light on the critical challenges plaguing the industry's infrastructure and human resources. From a scarcity of skilled construction labor to a dearth of executive-level talent, the hurdles to industry growth loom large. Moreover, financing remains a linchpin, with uncertainties surrounding tax equity and interest rate trends. 

The urgency of these issues is underscored by the grid's perilous state, with transmission and interconnection queues adding to the mounting backlog of energy projects. As California grapples with policy-induced setbacks in residential, commercial, and community solar segments, the looming question remains: can utility-scale solar bridge the gap as electricity demand escalates, fueled by the surge in electric vehicles, AI, and heating needs?

This podcast doesn't just highlight the industry's challenges but offers a platform for critical discussion and solutions. For a deeper dive into these pressing issues and insights from industry experts like Jon Semingson, listen to the full episode.


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