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Marketing Commercial Solar with Tor Valenza

When you fly into just about any city you will see hundreds of white commercial flat rooftops. These rooftops are just begging for solar panels to generate electricity for the building — and reflect the heat to reduce the air conditioning load. With the 30% investment tax credit and new depreciation rules, the economics are pretty good. Paybacks are often less than five years with immediate positive cash flow for financed systems.

But marketing solar to commercial customers is challenging. Often the building is leased, with utility payments made by the tenant — not the building owner. Although the installation of commercial rooftop solar is relatively straightforward, the marketing, sales and financing processes can be complex.

When I think of solar marketing I instantly think of Tor Valenza, AKA Solar Fred. He is the guy who has been wearing the hat for over ten years in the solar industry. Tor has build a terrific brand for himself, as well as a number of well known solar clients. Please Listen Up to this week’s Energy Show as Tor walks us through his five step program for commercial solar marketing.


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