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Inovateus Solar with T. J. Kanczuzewski

The “climate” for solar is most favorable when there are high electric rates and incentives. For these reasons the PV industry grew fastest on the west and east coasts. Now that prices have come down and incentives have extended throughout the country, solar is taking off in Midwestern states, too.

Indiana has been one of the standout solar states in the Midwest. Indiana’s combination of retail net metering, RPS and tax credits spurred the creation of a vibrant solar industry – even larger than the state’s natural gas industry. But as with other states, incumbent utility competitors began to crack down on Indiana’s emerging solar industry.

Nevertheless, a number of savvy solar installers are continuing to thrive in Indiana. My guest this week is TJ Kanczuzewski, President & Chief Executive Officer of Inovateus Solar in South Bend Indiana. Please Listen Up to this week’s Energy Show on Renewable Energy World as we talk about TJ’s experience founding Inovateus Solar, their focus on government policy to help evangelize and ultimately shape the solar industry; and how the company’s core values have shaped Inovateus as they continue to achieve market success.


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