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Don’t Tax the Sun Rally

The Energy Show · Don't Tax the Sun This week’s Energy Show is a special Public Service Announcement for the “Don’t Tax the Sun Rally” in SF and LA on June 2nd. It’s a Call to Arms — with solar panels and screw guns. All solar customers — and anyone interested in solar — should attend. As well as the 68,000 solar workers in California. If you haven’t heard, California’s utilities are intent on stopping customer-owned rooftop solar and battery systems. This tax only benefits big utilities — making them even more profitable at your expense. We need your help on June 2nd to stop the tax in new and expanded systems. Dave Rosenfeld, Executive Director of the Solar Rights Alliance, is our guest on this week’s Energy Show. Dave will explain what the utilities are trying to do to your solar panel system. A big public turnout in San Francisco or Los Angeles is the best way for us to steer the state towards clean and affordable energy. California should not tax the sun, period. We need more solar, not less. Gov. Newsom must show leadership, right now. Please make plans to be at one of these rallies. Click HERE to RSVP for one of these rallies. And pass on this e-mail to anyone else you know that doesn’t want a tax on sunlight.


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