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What Do You Do When Your Solar Inverter Dies?

We’ve been installing rooftop solar panels and solar inverters for almost 20 years. Solar panels are incredibly reliable – guaranteed for 25 years with an expected life of over 30. But solar inverters (the box of electronics that converts DC solar power to AC household power) have shorter warranty periods – typically 7 years for older models, and 10-12 years for newer units. On this week’s Energy Show we’ll talk about what to do when your solar inverter stops working.

The first thing to remember is: “Don’t worry.” Modern string inverters and microinverters – basically everything that’s been installed for the last 15 years – are easy to replace. The second thing to remember is: “Stay in touch with your local solar contractor.” With few exceptions, local solar contractors are the ones providing the best service and support for home and business solar customers.

Please Listen Up to this week’s Energy Show to learn more about how to determine if your inverter is working properly, what causes inverter failures, and how to get service on your inverter to keep your solar power system running at peak efficiency.


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