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Trump’s Anti-Environment Policies

  1. Killing the Clean Power Plan

  2. Changing utility pricing policies to favor coal and nuclear fuels

  3. Providing huge loan guarantees to nuclear power plants

  4. Relaxing vehicle mileage standards

  5. Opening up more federal lands to fossil fuels

  6. Approved the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines

  7. Exiting the Paris Climate Agreement When we look at the sources of greenhouse gas in the U.S., 29% comes from generating electricity -- mostly from coal plants. The second biggest source of emissions (27%) is from transportation -- mostly gas and diesel. The third largest source is industrial (21%). Only 12% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the residential and commercial sector -- mostly heating and air conditioning. Lastly, agriculture produces 9% of GHG emissions. Clearly, a clean energy policy that focuses on reducing greenhouse gases from the largest offender (electrical generation) is the best policy for our environment. Taking a step back -- while being President is not an easy job – it is clear that President Trump has a penchant for blowing things up. So far he’s decimated clean air regulations at the EPA, instructed the Interior Department to accelerate drilling and mining on public lands, changed rules at the Department of Energy to prop up the struggling coal and nuclear power companies. These actions in aggregate are appalling – and he’s not even a year into his first term. Fossil fuel companies are the clear beneficiaries – at the expense of the growing clean energy economy, as well as everyone who breathes. Former Governor Schwarzenegger explains these problems succinctly in this video. For more about this deteriorating situation -- and some positive suggestions -- please Listen Up to this week's Energy Show on Renewable Energy World.


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