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Solar & Storage During the Texas Blackout

We did a recent podcast on the Texas blackout, with a focus on practical solutions to these weather-related events.

This week I’m happy to have a first-hand perspective of this extended Texas blackout with Jeff Wolfe, CEO of Veloce Energy. Jeff will share his uncomfortably cold experiences for three days — complete with almost- frozen pipes, lack of water, minimal driving, and limited food choices.

But Jeff and his family didn’t suffer at all…they had a solar system with battery backup. His lights never went out. He had heat as long as there was natural gas pressure. His water pipes didn’t burst. The food in his fridge stayed cold. His computer and internet continued to function.

Please listen up to this week’s Energy Show for Jeff’s practical insights on what Texas can do to solve their structural and political electricity problems. And, naturally, specifics about how a solar and battery system can keep your home and business powered up during the next extended blackout.


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