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Solar Rights Manifesto

Solar Rights Manifesto

Although equipment and direct labor costs have declined as solar systems become simpler and safer, the sad truth is that the paperwork and bureaucracy have become even more complicated. Our greatest savings as an industry will be to attack these bureaucratic costs at their source and simply eliminate them. Please join with your fellow solar enthusiasts and stand up for these five Solar Rights.

Solar Right #1:

Solar power shall be installed to provide the lowest cost for ratepayers on a whole, taking into account all applicable costs and externalities.

Solar Right #2:

There shall be no restrictions on solar installations for any reason other than pre-existing health and safety concerns.

Solar Right #3:

There shall not be any added paperwork for connecting a solar power source as long as it is comparably sized to the building’s existing electrical service. If there is no “interconnection” paperwork for a 3 ton air conditioner, there should be no paperwork for a 3 kw solar power system.

Solar Right #4:

There shall not be any demand charges, standby fees or extra expenses for net metering. Net metering customers put power into the grid when the electricity is most needed.

Solar Right #5:

There shall not be a separate inspection for building departments, fire departments, utilities and rebate administrators. One–and only one–jurisdictional inspection shall be required for a solar installation.


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