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Solar Marketing With Tor Valenza

Solar panels are commodities — not very different than the bottled water you find on a supermarket shelf. Granted some panels are more efficient, some cost less, some may be easier to install, and some may have better warranties. But to the average consumer — and for that matter experienced installer — there is really not much difference between one manufacturer’s panel compared to another.

So why are some companies selling more solar panels than others? To a large degree it is the solar marketing and sales efforts they make to reach their initial customers: solar installers. Generating awareness, interest and sales for solar panels — as well as inverters, racking and installation services — is a textbook marketing challenge.

There is one person in the industry who has carved out a reputation for himself when it comes to solar marketing: Tor Valenza (AKA Solar Fred). Tor literally hangs his hats these days as the Chief Marketing Officer at Impress Labs. Please Listen Up to this week’s Energy Show as Tor talks about the best (and worst) solar marketing practices at solar equipment companies, installers and financiers.


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