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Solar and Storage Trends for 2021

I’m starting off the year with my Ten Solar and Storage Trends for 2021. But first, a recap from Dave Barry, my favorite chronicler of all that is crazy and warped in this world: “2020 was a year of nonstop awfulness, a year when we kept saying it couldn’t possibly get worse, and it always did. This was a year in which our only moments of genuine, unadulterated happiness were when we were able to buy toilet paper.“

Looking ahead to 2021:

  • The solar investment tax credit was extended at the last minute by President Trump

  • Home electric bills went through the roof in 2020, and will stay high for most of 2021

  • The President, Senate and House of Representatives are committed to accelerating transition to clean energy

So here are my predictions for solar and storage trends in 2021:

  • All roof orientations are fair game for solar

  • Buildings will be designed to be carbon negative

  • Skill levels for solar and storage contractors will increase

  • Module level power electronics duopoly will continue

  • Customer service and warranties are key battery system selection criteria

  • UL 9540 requirements will stall new battery system releases

  • Rooftop solar systems should be oversized

  • EV chargers will be common options for new solar and battery installations

  • The home of the future will have two batteries in every garage

  • Whole home battery backup will remain expensive

For the details of these predictions, please listen up to this week’s Energy Show.


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