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Solar and Battery Storage System Engineering with Josh Weiner of SepiSolar

Solar and battery storage systems are constructed on-site with components from a number of different manufactures. It’s not as if one crate gets delivered to the job site and is simply plugged in. There are on the order of fifty different solar panel manufacturers, half a dozen inverter companies, a dozen racking companies, half a dozen battery companies, and a variety of monitoring and control software choices. Match that product variation up with three thousand different utilities and eighteen thousand cities in the U.S. and it becomes very apparent that there is no “one size fits all” system.

A key part of every residential and commercial solar/battery system is the engineering necessary to select and match these components properly. Getting this engineering work done properly and efficiently is one of the keys to a successful solar and battery storage installation business. As new battery and inverter systems come on the market, equipment choices expand making this system engineering challenge even more difficult.

So Listen Up to this week’s Energy Show as we discuss solar and battery storage engineering with Josh Wiener, President of SepiSolar, a provider of engineering services for solar and battery storage contractors.


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