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Running A Successful Solar Business With Pamela Cargill

Running a successful solar business isn’t easy. Whether it’s a small local installer working on one system a week on neighborhood homes, or a large installer working on 500 systems a week in multiple states, the logistics, engineering, financing, customer relations and project management are daunting. In reality, it’s much easier to sell solar than it is to run a profitable, sustainable solar business.

Customers and installers have benefited greatly from a decline in equipment costs over the past five years. Plus there are software tools and services to help with critical functions in a solar business, such as rooftop system design, proposal software, and project management services. But lower equipment costs and better management tools do not always translate into installer profitability – especially as installed system prices continue to decline and customer acquisition costs increase.

My guest on this week’s show is Pamela Cargill, principal at Chaolysti. Pam’s company specializes in process and operational improvements for the residential solar industry. Basically, she’s a guru at running a successful solar business and helps solar companies understand the products, tools and services that enables them to improve their profitability. I have learned a lot from Pam’s research and insights, so please Listen up to this week’s Energy Show.


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