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Republicans in favor of the environment?

Heaven forbid!

How much #$%^& does Arnold have to take from his own Republican party about his stance on the environment. A governor must be a leader, even when what he wants to do may be unfavorable to his own party.

As a result of his leadership, the California Climate Act of 2006, or AB32, was passed. This bill will help improve California’s air — and shows the direction that the rest of our country’s leaders should follow.

While some people are attempting to portray this bill as bad for manufacturing and the economy as a whole, I believe the exact opposite to be true. Over 30 percent of venture capital invested in clean tech last year was invested in California companies. A key driver of this investment is California’s history at the forefront of the technology curve.

Where would we be now if California’s vacuum tube industry tried to inhibit the semiconductor industry? Arnold’s leadership on AB 32 will stimulate even greater technological innovation and ensure a robust industry supplying the rapidly-growing worldwide demand for clean tech and statewide demand for all solar technologies.


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