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Prepping for New Energy Technology

The Energy Show · Prepping for New Energy Technology Not since the advent of central heating and cooling has home energy technology changed so much. New technologies are all electric, and almost without exception they are cheaper to operate and install, more comfortable and convenient, and much safer and cleaner. The transition to building electrification started modestly with LED lighting about 15 years ago. That transition is almost complete; now, it’s almost impossible to purchase inefficient incandescent bulbs these days. To get to a clean and efficient all electric building, we now have:

  1. Rooftop solar

  2. Battery storage systems

  3. Heat pump heating and cooling

  4. Heat pump water heaters

  5. EV chargers

  6. Induction stoves

  7. More convenient control systems Most importantly, these new building technologies are almost always cheaper to operate. Many people with solar powered all electric homes pay ZERO for their electric and gas utilities! Completely electrifying your home or business is easier than you think. Please listen to this week's Energy Show as we discuss our detailed recommendations of the entire process — from upgrading your electrical service, adding solar and battery storage, and selecting the most appropriate HVAC equipment and appliances, and be sure to download our green whitepaper on building electrification.

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