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Global Warming - We're Screwed

The Energy Show · Global Warming – We’re Screwed When it comes to global warming – we’re screwed. I’m telling it like it is so we don’t continue misleading ourselves that we are on a path to reduce global warming. We have had 20+ years of climate activism; many Inconvenient Truths; wildfires, floods, droughts, blackouts; and now energy wars. Still, the economic interests from fossil fuels and related industries continue to suppress the necessary actions. Which is no surprise since the solution to global warming effectively means the end of the fossil fuel industry. The ostensible cause of this slow-motion humanity train wreck is that the politicians of our world cannot agree on either the problem or the solution. But the root cause of this political indecision is due to very effective fossil fuel industry lobbying. They mislead the public and effectively bribe politicians. How do we change this trajectory? Simple: in the short term do not support climate change-denying politicians in any way. Vote against politicians who support the existing fossil fuel industry. And vote for politicians who favor practical clean energy technologies and a carbon tax. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) whitewashed what really needs to be done, and instead recommended the following:

  1. The world should stop using fossil fuels (easy to say)

  2. Find a way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere (consumes dramatically more energy than carbon capture at the source, which itself is not economical)

  3. Curb demand of energy (which will reduce overall economic well-being)

  4. Spend more money on clean energy (I agree)

  5. Tell rich people to use less energy (good luck). In my humble opinion, these IPCC recommendations are either naïve or impractical … except for investing more in clean energy. Instead, here are my four realistic recommendations that you personally can implement right now, all of which are practical and will have a direct impact on your quality of life:

  6. Make your home carbon negative with electrification, solar and batteries. You’ll save money and have a healthier and more comfortable home. Plus, it’s the best way to get back at greedy utilities.

  7. Buy renewable energy and electrification stocks for you and your children. In general these will be long-term winners. Sell your fossil fuel company stocks for moral reasons even though over the short and medium term they may do OK.

  8. Do not get a 30 year mortgage on coastal property. If you like the beach, buy a block inland or just rent.

  9. Eat less meat and more locally grown fruits and vegetables. I’m not sure how much impact this will have on global warming. But a good diet will help you live long enough to see that Al Gore was right. There is one shred of good news: the economic benefits of renewables — solar and wind — mean that these clean energy sources will indeed replace fossil fuels. Eventually. So we shouldn’t give up. For more about the cause of our political indecision – and practical global warming solutions, please tune into this week’s Energy Show podcast.


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