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From Solar Thermal to Integrated Battery Storage - Interview with Jeff Brown

Some people just love riding the “solar coaster” – both the exciting up times and the death-defying plunges…usually from some totally unexpected outside force. It’s great to hear from industry veterans who have managed to thrive through both good times and bad.

Our guest on this week’s Energy Show is Jeff Brown, one of the most experienced solar contractors in the business. Jeff got his start in solar back in the ‘80s with solar thermal installations, he and I worked together at Akeena Solar, and now Jeff is at the cutting edge of battery storage technology at JLM Energy. Jeff has also been an active board member at CALSEIA, and has been one of the leaders in the transition from solar thermal to solar PV.

Please join us on this week’s Energy Show for Jeff’s candid insights into the factors that are reducing the benefits of rooftop solar — which then are leading to the next phase (spoiler alert: energy storage) of the rooftop solar industry.


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