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EV Charging with Tom McCalmont

By 2035 all new cars in California will be electric. It’s an achievable goal based on lower operating costs and rapid price declines for new EVs. But the current per kwh costs of EV charging continue to increase -- and we continue to be woefully short of necessary EV charging infrastructure.

I predict a massive backlash against expensive and inconvenient EV charging. Our EV deployment goals are likely to fail. Miserably.

The reason is simple: our EV charging paradigm is based on utility profit maximization as they take over the corner filling station – NOT lower driver operating costs (cheap and convenient charging) and NOT leveraging the value of these mobile batteries (such as Vehicle to Home charging).

One of the leaders who “thinks different” is Tom McCalmont, CEO of Paired Power. Tom’s product line at Paired Power harnesses local solar power during the day when cars are typically parked at work, shopping malls and other public places. The Paired Power system uses low-cost Level 2 or DC solar charging stations, and avoids expensive and time consuming utility interconnection costs. Both EV owners and manufacturers will benefit.

Tune into this week’s Energy Show for a glimpse of the alternate EV-solar future. Imagine charging your car inexpensively at work during the day, and just driving that massive car battery at home and powering your house. Say goodbye to outrageous peak evening electricity costs and blackouts!


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