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Covid-19 Impacts on the Solar Industry

The Covid-19 crisis has disrupted solar and storage supply chains across all segments of the industry, initially devastated customer demand, reduced opportunities for the workforce, and caused permitting and interconnections to grind to a halt in many jurisdictions.

On the other hand, when homeowners were required to work from home — and they realized that they could not rely on utility power — interest in solar with backup power actually increased. Commercial customer interest paused during shelter in place, whereas utilities continued with their demand for solar and storage

Businesses thrive on accurate and timely information, and the solar + storage industry is no exception. One of the best information sources to help navigate these uncertain times is IHS Markit. Not only do they provide comprehensive solar + storage information, they also provide data analytics and expertise for other cleantech sectors, as well as oil and gas, automotive, financial industries.

My guest on this week’s Energy Show is Cormac Gilligan, Associate Director of Solar and Energy Storage at IHS Markit. Cormac is like a human crystal ball for the global solar industry, and is widely regarded as a leading authority on the global PV inverter market. His analysis and commentary is regularly published by leading PV industry media and the global press. Miguel De Jesus, IHS Markit’s solar and inverter analyst, also joined this week’s Energy Show.

Given Covid-19 impacts on the solar + storage industry, we could use all the intelligent forecasting we can get — so please listen up to this week’s Energy Show.


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