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Best Run Solar Companies

The Energy Show · Solar Industry Perspectives with Vince Battaglia The best run solar companies I know are those that focus on a geographic region, and grow slowly and steadily. As with most other construction businesses, local companies generally understand their local markets better and have lower overhead — enabling them to provide better customer service at lower prices. The results are lower customer acquisition costs, more upgrades and ongoing service revenues. On this week’s Energy Show we have the pleasure of speaking with Vince Battaglia, the CEO of Renova Energy. Renova started as Vince’s MBA thesis; fifteen years later Renova is now the leading solar installation company in the Coachella Valley. Like many other local solar installation companies, Renova has expanded its residential solar installation business to include commercial installations, system maintenance and battery storage. Renova recently announced their expansion into Phoenix and Las Vegas — both of which are hot markets for solar (in more ways than one). Granted, the Coachella Valley area is blessed by an abundance of sunlight and cursed with high electric rates – a combination that is perfect for a thriving solar business. But dealing with the ups and downs of the Solar Coaster is challenging — and even more so when operating in three different states. For more about the challenges inherent in building and running  successful and steadily growing solar companies, please tune in to this week’s Energy Show.


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