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Anti-Solar Lobbying Groups Trying to Trick You

You can generate your own power on your home or business roof for about $0.07/kwh, with paybacks in the 4-8 year range. Without a doubt, solar is a great way for businesses and homeowners to reduce their electric bills.

So how does your local utility or friendly fossil fuel company react?

  • They try to make solar more expensive by adding costs and delays.

  • They create higher solar rates to penalize solar customers for their good behavior.

  • And perhaps most egregiously, they fund lobbying groups to try to trick you.

That’s right, groups like Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy, Consumer Energy Alliance, Yes for 1 on the Sun, and Consumers for Smart Solar are really front groups funded by the fossil fuel industry and utilities. Their sole purpose is to convince voters and policymakers to pass laws favorable to their businesses, and overturn clean energy regulations.

Please Listen Up to this week’s Energy Show on Renewable Energy World as we disclose the real money behind these anti-solar lobbying groups, and expose some of their dirty tactics.


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