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Installing Solar In The Big City

March isn't just about shamrocks and leprechauns; it's also Women's History Month, highlighting the incredible contributions of women in various fields. But have you ever wondered about their role in the energy transition? In general, women are just as involved as men —  not just in solar, but also in batteries, hydrogen, policy-making, electrification, and manufacturing. However, there's a glaring gap in representation when it comes to the construction side of energy systems.

But not at Luminalt Solar under the leadership of Jeanine Cotter, their President and CEO. Luminalt is the leading solar and battery contractor in San Francisco. One would think that it would be easy to be a solar and storage contractor in a liberal city such as San Francisco. Until you try to find a space to park your van. Or navigate the city’s convoluted permitting issues. Or just try to find a place for a battery and inverter near the electric meter.

In our candid conversion, Jeanine and I discuss her journey as she built a successful solar company in one of the most densely populated cities in the country. Unlike most contractors, she didn’t start with a construction background; instead, she is a licensed California attorney. Take it from me: knowing how to navigate the regulations, policies and laws that apply to the clean energy industry is one of the most critical skills that a solar and storage company must have.

But it's not all business; we delve into the personal side too. How did Jeanine get into solar? How does she champion diversity, equity, and inclusion within Luminalt and the clean energy industry in general? And perhaps most intriguingly, how does she suggest women navigate the traditionally male-dominated construction industry?

Please listen to the full podcast for Jeanine’s insights into achieving success in the solar and storage industry.


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