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What Batteries Should I Buy With My Solar System?

The Energy Show · What Batteries Should I Buy With My Solar System?

Are you worried about blackouts and public safety power shutoffs (PSPS)? Are you sick of getting ripped off by rising electric rates from your local utility? Then you’re one of the millions of homeowners and businesses who are interested in a battery backup system designed to work with your solar system.

It can be confusing to determine which battery and inverter system will be the best for your particular application, whether you are just adding a battery to your existing solar system, or installing a completely new solar and battery system. So this week’s Energy Show is all about selecting the best battery system for your home or business.

Major battery suppliers include LG, Tesla, Enphase, Generac and SolarEdge. However, unlike solar panels, which can be mixed and matched with different inverters, batteries are designed to work only with certain inverter systems — most commonly SolarEdge and  Enphase. It’s like cars: you don’t get to pick the manufacturer of the battery that goes in your EV.

In addition to battery system availability (there are shortages of the most popular batteries), we will focus on the following technical criteria of the battery system market leaders:

  1. Battery capacity in kwh

  2. Battery power output in kw

  3. System efficiency

  4. Existing solar system compatibility

  5. System price (battery price doesn’t really matter)

  6. Battery warranty

So if you've been wondering what batteries should I buy with my solar system, listen to this week's Energy Show for a detailed dive into the best and most widely available battery systems for your home or business.


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