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Ten Clean Energy Myths

The Energy Show · Ten Clean Energy Myths Clean energy has come a long way since the first water wheel, windmill and solar cell. Solar, wind and battery systems are steadily replacing fossil fuels because they are both cleaner AND cheaper. For simple business reasons, the superior economics of wind and solar generation are steadily supplanting coal and methane for power generation. And electric vehicles are on track to replace 90% of new gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 20 years. But the fossil fuel industry is not going away without a fight. Since economics are no longer on the side of “drill baby drill,” fossil fuel companies and their supporters promote a variety of myths that clean energy is simply more expensive than good old gas and coal. I hate to break it to you, but candidly most of these clean energy myths have a kernel of truth. Yes, it is true that clean energy used to be expensive. Nevertheless, as a result of mass production and widespread deployment of solar, wind and batteries, clean energy systems are without a doubt cheaper than fossil fuels. Basically, facts have changed in favor of clean energy. Here is my list of Ten Clean Energy Myths that are easily dispelled with current facts:

  1. Solar panels take more energy to make than they generate

  2. EVs are more expensive than gas vehicles

  3. Utility solar power is cheaper than rooftop solar power

  4. Clean energy is a job killer

  5. Heat pumps don’t work in cold climates

  6. Hydrogen is the clean fuel of the future

  7. We need new nuclear reactors to generate base load power

  8. Fossil fuels are OK since we will use carbon capture and sequestration to remove the CO2

  9. You should re-insulate your house and install new windows before installing solar

  10. Rooftop solar is too expensive Please tune into this week’s Energy Show for the reasons why these ten clean energy myths are easily dispelled by redirecting obsolete beliefs with current economic and scientific data.


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