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Electrical Upgrades for Home Electrification

There is one thing for certain as you electrify your house. You’ll need more electricity. Duh!

But getting more electricity from the street to your house is not easy. Bizarrely, it often takes longer to do these electrical upgrades than it does to install your new all electric appliances.

When — not if -- your old gas hot water heater dies, you don’t want to wait months for a new 240 volt circuit for that new super-efficient electric heat pump water heater. Nor do you want to delay the installation of your new heat pump HVAC system while you wait for a new electric panel. So you need to plan in advance for these upgrades.

There are three general types of upgrades you will need as you electrify your home. First, you will need a dedicated electric circuit (wires and a separate circuit breaker) for each new appliance. Second, you may need a new electric panel if there is not enough space for these new circuits. Third — and most problematic since your utility is involved — you may need to upgrade the electric service from the street to your house.

No one likes delays and extra expenses. But there is some good news. There are tax credits and rebates that can significantly reduce these electrical upgrade costs.

Tune into this episode of the Energy Show for a detailed rundown on planning for these electrical upgrades. These upgrades take time, but you’ll thank yourself later once they are done and your electrification project proceeds smoothly.


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